2012 Progress:

In fiscal 2012, we implemented projects that resulted in a reduction of 11,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Of the total GHG, direct GHG emissions were 30 percent and indirect GHG emissions were 70 percent.

As established from our 2011 base year, our target is to reduce GHG emissions by 77,000 metric tons CO2-e by 2020. With this year’s efforts, we have fulfilled 14 percent of that level, putting us on target to reach our 2020 goal.

Recent projects to reduce GHG emissions include the following:

  • Changing our transportation methods: Our Austin (MN) Plant team implemented an innovative project to switch to ultra-light weight trucks to be able to haul more products per load. Using light weight equipment is not only more efficient, it also saves money, preserves natural resources and reduces greenhouse gases. By shipping more weight per loaded trailer on each lightweight truck, we were able to calculate that we reduced the miles we drove in 2012 by more than 54,000. This resulted in saving 9,837 gallons of fuel, which equates to a reduction of almost 100 metric tons CO2-e.
  • Reducing electrical usage plantwide: The team at the Jennie-O Turkey Store – Willmar Ave. (Willmar, MN) Plant aimed to reduce utility usage at the facility by two percent to support company goals. By installing VFD controls on a condenser and making operational changes to the refrigeration system the plant was able to reduce electrical use by 2.04 million kWh, fuel use by 21,000 MMBtu, and GHG emissions by more than 2,800 metric tons.

Greenhouse Gas1 Reduction

Metric tons CO2-e1 per thousand pounds of production