In 2012, Hormel Foods completed several projects that were recognized by independent sources for achievement in environmental sustainability.

Internal and External Recognition

In 2012, the internal Environmental Sustainability Best of the Best annual competition, which rewards and recognizes teams that have identified areas for efficiency improvement and implemented changes, generated entries throughout all Hormel Foods business segments. The year's winner was Rochelle (IL) Foods for its solid waste reduction projects that resulted in an 8 percent reduction in solid waste sent to landfill and improved beneficial use via land by 29 percent.

Due to our conscious efforts to improve our environmental performance, in 2012, Hormel Foods was recognized by independent sources including:

  • All of our sites were eligible for American Meat Institute (AMI) Environmental Recognition Awards.
  • The company’s corporate headquarters expansion achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification as a result of the sustainable design and construction practices employed. This project achieved a 46 percent energy reduction and 70 percent potable water reduction, and is expected to operate with utility costs 40 percent less than standard construction. For this project Hormel Foods received first place in the category of environmental technology, outreach and training programs from the American Meat Institute (AMI) Environmental Achievement Awards.
  • In September of 2008 Burke Corporation (Nevada, IA) began implementing water conservation projects that they identified through their own internal observations as well as in collaboration with a government agency’s pollution prevention intern program. Since then, Burke Corporation has saved more than 20 million gallons of water, which is a 25 percent drop in water usage. Since approximately 60 percent of that water saved is hot water, they also saved more than 67,000 therms of natural gas. This project received first place in the category of resource conservation from the AMI Environmental Achievement Awards.
61 Environmental Sustainability Best of the Best projects documented these annual savings:

To learn more about the other finalists, please visit the environmental section of our corporate site. Also see our environmental sustainability policy for more information about the commitment our company has made toward environmental sustainability objectives.

Burke Corporation was awarded first place by the AMI Environmental Achievement Awards for resource conservation
The Hormel Foods Corporate Office Expansion project achieved LEED Gold Certification